A Mileage Credit Card For Customers Who Travel To Asia. Great Benefits!

Written by Steve on September 6th, 2008

When deciding which credit card to use on a regular basis to accrue miles that can be redeemed for your future flights; what are you really interested in? Is it value? Benefits? Options that make the annual fee worth the price? Most people would agree with this, and for that reason Bank of America has carefully designed and optimized the Asiana American Express Card. It’s a terrific opportunity to save money and enjoy deluxe benefits for frequent travelers to Asia.

There are a plethora of benefits to this card but here we’ll just go over a few. To begin with 5,000 bonus miles are added to your account after your first purchase. You will earn two miles for every dollar you spend in purchases and three miles for every dollar spent in purchases at participating grocery stores. There is an Entre Program which is exclusive to American Express. You will be to enjoy special upgrades and amenities at premium hotels, exclusive offers from some of the world’s leading airlines and more.

Are a golf fan? Show this credit card and you will receive access to members-only courses through Korea and the Asia Pacific region. Now that is a benefit truly worth its weight in gold. Also there is an automatic $100 annual rebate on Asiana Airlines ticket purchases which more than covers the $99 annual fee. If you travel to Asia then the Asiana American Express Card from Bank of America is for you.


By Steve Borrelli from Sterling Home Mortgage.

Photo Credits: Lucas Jans (cc)

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